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What dermascopes can you use to diagnose skin conditions

Common Skin Conditions

A clean bill of health is what we always aspire to have, but the fact that our bodies is made up of many different parts means that there will always be parts of our body that are not functioning as they should. This includes the skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, a fact many people do not know of since they do not consider it an ‘organ’ in the same sense they do the heart and the lungs. That being said, it being the largest organ as well as the most exposed part of our body. This means that it is first in line to take damage or encounter some type of problem. Below we take a look at some common skin conditions.

Over the course of many medical studies, many skin disorders have been identified. Despite that, there still remains a large number of unidentified skin problems and even some that have been identified have still not been fully understood, even by the best in skin care. Below we will take a look at some of the most common skin conditions. 

1.    Acne

This skin condition can be quite easily among the top of the most common skin problems that can be experienced by virtually anyone. It is characterized by small painful bumps on the skin surface though its cause is yet to be fully determined.

2.    Dermatitis

Another common type of skin condition, dermatitis, also termed eczema, is a skin condition characterized by inflammation of certain skin patches coupled with severe itchiness and cracking of the affected patch of skin. It can be caused when the skin comes into contact with an irritant or even a substance or food that you are allergic to.

3.    Cold sores

This condition is characterized by the appearance of small blister spots around the mouth area. It comes about as a result of a viral infection by the HSV-1 virus. The occurrence rate of this virus in adults is very high since many contract it in their childhood years and it remains with them virtually all their life.

4.    Hives

Hives are characterized by the occurrence of small red bumpy rashes around certain parts of the skin. The rash is often as a result of the body releasing histamine which causes itchiness around the affected part. Allergens can also be a factor in triggering this condition.

5.    Itchy skin

This kind of condition can occur at any time due to a number of reasons ranging from contact with substance that irritates your skin, insect bites or even scratches that break the skin.

Diagnosing Skin Conditions

Owing to the large number of skin conditions that can occur, an accurate diagnosis of the skin condition afflicting you is always necessary. If you are wondering how to check skin conditions, you should be aware that there are a number of resources are available to help you reach an accurate diagnoses. These resources are available both online as well as the old fashioned way of visiting your local physician or skin care specialist.

The following lists some of the online resources that can help this process:




The webmed website is a resource dedicated to helping its users to try and find an accurate diagnosis for whatever health conditions they have as well as how and where to contact doctors once a diagnosis has been reached. The medicinenet website is also a highly regarded health and lifestyle online resource. It offers the ability to help diagnose your conditions as well and also helps you locate the appropriate doctors that specialize in the problem you have diagnosed. They also offer insightful resources on living and eating a healthy lifestyle to keep you in good health and shape. The health direct website is an initiative by the government of Australia to help its citizens gain free medical knowledge for purposes of helping them diagnose their conditions, aiding them locate proper medical service providers, offer information on the different kinds of medication available for different conditions, as well as a vast amount of informational resources on a wide array of health related topics.

The above resources aside from being a general resource on medical related information are especially proficient in their knowledge of skin related topics. Whenever you have a problem just pop over to one of them, look up what they have according to your condition and you can sort your issue in a jiffy. Some even offer specialized screening test kits that you can do at home and send to them for test confirmations of your skin condition.

What Dermascopes Can You Use To Diagnose Skin Conditions

What Dermascopes Can You Use To Diagnose Skin Conditions


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